2022 Brew City REI Training Cafe Meet & Greet



Our next event will be the 2022 Brew City REI Training Cafe meet & greet.  Get a chance to network with our approved, local coaches and sponsors and Brew City REI Club members.  Build your winning real estate investment team and make your deals come true!!

Buenavista Taquiera Taco Truck will parked in front and we have 200 free tacos to give away.

Don’t miss one of the most entertaining and purposeful real estate investing meetups of the year.


Thank you to all of our 2022 approved sponsors for your support and a job well done!

Rebecca Knox, Captain Save A Home; 414-699-5888           Brew City REI Training Café Admin/Wholesale Deals

Nick Knox, , Premier Point Realty, 414-378-1722  Flat rate listings/Buyer’s Agent

Jodi Graf, jgraf@premierpointrealty.com, Premier Point Realty, https://www.premierpointrealty.com/agents.php , (414) 395-5478

Michael & Nicole Borowski, Homestead Realty, 414-514-4699     

Ed Riggenbach, Welcome Home Milwaukee, 414-301-1183  Property Management

Mike Baron, PMI of Greater Milwaukee, 414-433-9107    Property Manager

Alex Kaster/Bryan Lam, Citywide Rentals & Property Management, 414) 269-6446              Property Management

Corina Eufinger, corina.brio@gmail.com, Brio Properties/CRC Investments, www.briopropertieswi.com brioprimerealty.com brioteamwi.com, 262-448-1659, property management, Racine/Kenosha/Bristol

Teresa & Anthony Machi; Milwaukee Real Estate Solutions/Mach1 Capital; (262) 264-8606 –Hard Money Lender & Investment manager focusing on commercial loans and real estate generating risk adjusted returns for our accredited investors.

Debra & Travis Tuttle, MGM Capital Group;262-613-1627/262-613-1628 Hard Money

Milwaukee Hard Money/F Street (local lending); The Hard Money Company (nationwide lending); F-Street Lending (30-yr term fixed product)

Sarah Floyd (MHM); Daeni Thompson (THMC); Vincent Mack (FSL) 414-269-5300

Tayler Rens, Rens Law, 414-810-2678       Attorney, flat rate contracts

Bob Dummer; P & C Insurance; 262-784-0990  ex 240; Insurance

Jason Bott, Robertson Ryan & Associates, 414-788-2080  Insurance, 4 or more Units

Deb Kay; Pink Ribbon Productions; 262-424-0162   Photographer

Tammy Kloehn, Stewart Title, 262-207-1771          Title Company

Jackie Brown, Land Title Closing Services, 414-755-1012   Title Company

Jason Katz; Tier 1 Home Inspection, 414.540.8750  Home Inspection

Lauren Speidel, Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, 630-828-5200  1031 Exchanges

Michael Fishman-Salnick, CPA, Guthman Tax Services Inc, 414-453-0627/414-453-0628     Accountant

Ana Karina Klein, AKK Tax & Accounting LLC, 414-420-1174             Accountant

Eric Trost, SVA CPA’s, 262-641-6888          Accountant

Daniel Hyman, My Online Accountant, Accountant

Dave Graf;GSI Foundations, 262-236-6805, Basement/Foundation repair

Bud Radtke, Radtke Contractors, (414) 507-2235                 Basement/Foundation repair

Nick Dentice, Denco Windows, 414-305-0189 Windows

Eric Berg, Gutter Grizzly, 866-220-4749   Gutter Cleaning, Guards & Heating Cables

John Rudig, Mr Cleanout, (414) 416-5262               Cleanouts/Trash

Monica McElroy-Dennison, The Intentional Host, (414) 315-8342 AirBnB

Adam Lee Smith; Freight 38, (414) 759-4743/414-732-6107            Event Room

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