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Any properties or investment deals can only be posted if you have the property DIRECTLY under contract. PRICE must be indicated on all posts. Address is not required BUT CROSS STREETS are. No DAISY CHAINS or sharing posts without permission from the contract holder or owner.

  Before posting a request, SEARCH first and reply back on threads as to who has been used.  Members who repetitively post generic ‘LOOKING FOR’ requests or requests that they could search for, may be removed from the club especially if they show no history of ever helping another member, sharing reviews, or attending Club meetups/social events. After using a contractor, share a review of your experience.

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Real Estate Investment Club Rebecca Knox

Rebecca Knox:

EXPERTISE: Wholesaling, Acquisitions, Marketing, Evaluating Deals, Purposeful Networking/Building your Team, Business Management

COACH PROFILE: http://www.captainsave-a-home.com/

In 2014, I was introduced to real estate by my husband Nick after managing manufacturing plants for a decade. Beyond being a general manager, I was also a certified ISO9001 Quality Inspector; which nurtured a systems way of thinking. In 2016, I was able to ‘fire’ my boss after my real estate income surpassed my corporate income.

Are you interested in getting started in Real Estate, but don’t know where to begin? I have been called the local “Real Estate Matchmaker” because of my love and ability to create winning relationships and deals along with being resourceful. Nick and I run the Brew City REI Club, Brew City REI Training Café and Wisconsin Contractor & Handyman Club and have a network of thousands of out of state and local investors who are actively participating in the Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Ozaukee and Waukesha real estate investment arenas.

Want to know more about wholesaling, marketing for deals, business systems or just buying more deals in general? Maybe you’ve closed one deal ‘by accident,’ but are having difficulty keeping deals in the pipeline? I can help with marketing, list ideas, list sources and a variety of ways to get leads– whether your marketing budget is $0 or $10k.

Upon booking a call, a questionnaire will be sent to you to assist in planning the most tailored and effective call/appointment based off your answers.  As we discuss challenges, I will keep notes of items that I believe will help you in your journey and will follow up with any action items discussed.


  • On Site Meetings
  • One-On-One Coaching Meetings
  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • Investment Deal Analysis and Feasibility
  • Small Group Coaching


$100 per 30 Min

$150 for Full Hour

$250/hr for Off-Site Visits

TO GO MENU: $299 = Rebecca’s Deal Evaluator: Formulated Excel Spreadsheet with seller interview, calculators, rehab analyzer.
(Note: A minimum of 1 coaching call is required before this item can be ordered, and student must confirm they have basic Excel skills prior to ordering.)

TO ORDER: Email https://bookme.name/RebeccaKnox

Real Estate Investment Club Marcus Auerbach

Marcus Auerbach:

EXPERTISE: Real Estate Investing Fundamentals, Property Walk Through – Determining Scope of Work, Personalized Real Estate Investment Strategy (Starting Out), Long Term Wealth Building Strategies with Buy & Hold, Portfolio Analysis and Development Strategies (Existing Portfolio), Rehabbing and Construction Consulting, Working with Contractors, Property Management, CMA – Broker Price Opinion (Before/After)

COACH PROFILE: https://www.bluedanubeproperties.com/

  • Buy & Hold Investor since 2010 with Blue Danube Properties LLC
  • Specializes in Single Family Homes and Small Multi Family
  • Focus on Passive Income and Lifestyle by Design
  • Self-Managed Property Portfolio
  • Experienced Rehabber and Construction Manager
  • Flips, BRRRR’s, Lease Options, New Construction
  • Focus on Medium and High-End Neighborhoods
  • Licensed Agent with Keller Williams since 2016
  • Individual Real Estate Investment Coaching and Consulting since 2017
  • Personal Real Estate Strategies
  • Very Active Present-Day Investor in the Milwaukee Metro Area
  • Over 150 Career Deals


  • On Site Meetings
  • One-On-One Coaching Meetings
  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • Investment Deal Analysis and Feasibility
  • Small Group Coaching


$100 per 30 Min

$300 for Jobsite Visits

TO ORDER: Email marcus@bluedanubeproperties.com

Real Estate Investment Club Ann Belter

Ann Belter:

EXPERTISE: Acquisitions, Waukesha County Expertise, Self-managing successful rentals, BRRRR strategy, Short Sales/bank owned properties, Long Term Wealth Building Strategies with Buy & Hold, Hard and Private Money Lending, Building a Lending Business   

COACH PROFILE: http://www.belterassociates.com/ 

Ann Belter is an investor in the Milwaukee metro area. She recently left her Engineering Management role in May of 2018 to focus on her businesses that she started while working full time. Belter and Associates LLC (belterassociates.com) is her primary business which owns and manages multi-family properties primarily in Waukesha County and SMART REI LLC which manages her private lending business.

She initially found interest in starting a real estate business in college when she had trouble getting calls from landlords while she was looking for an apartment. Upon graduating from MSOE she read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and got hooked. Since 2007, Belter and Associates LLC has expanded significantly and currently manages 16 properties (a combination of 4 and 8 families) totaling 88 units and is consistently actively expanding. In the process of purchasing these properties, she has done short sales, bank owned, off market, and MLS purchases using various types of lending.  In addition, she has created templates to streamline analyzing properties as well as put processes in place to efficiently manage multiple buildings while working full time. She would be happy to provide recommendations on helpful books to get started, provide help in analyzing properties, as well as discuss ways to efficiently start and run a business while working full time through mentorship. Feel free to message her with your information so she can schedule a mentoring call with you.

Ann also does private lending for fix and flip deals throughout Waukesha County and various hot markets in Milwaukee County. She can fund deals quickly if the property make sense and has a solid business model. She charges 2-4 points with an interest rate varying between 10-15% depending on experience and how many deals done together. If you are interested in having a deal financed please send over property details; including but not limited to: purchase price, rehab estimates with scope of work, time frame, and ARV with a minimum of 3 comps. If you are interested in getting into the private lending business and want to understand the risks vs. rewards or how to get started please schedule a mentoring call today.


  • On Site Meetings
  • One-On-One Coaching Meetings
  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • Investment Deal Analysis and Feasibility
  • Small Group Coaching

RATE:  $250/hr, 1-hr min

TO GO: $200 = Ann’s real estate value pack analysis workbook

TO ORDER: Email ann@belterassociates.com

Real Estate Investment Club Teresa & Anthony Machi

Teresa & Anthony Machi:

EXPERTISE: Acquisitions, Rehabs, Bay View-Cudahy-South Milwaukee-St Francis-Riverwest Neighborhood expert, Self-managing successful rentals, BRRRR strategy, hard and private money lending, building a lending business, long term wealth strategies with Buy & Hold

COACH PROFILE: https://www.mkerealestatesolutions.com/

Anthony and Teresa Machi are a husband and wife team with backgrounds in Finance. Teresa began her career in Portfolio Finance at a local Hedge Fund and progressed in her career as a Treasury Manager. Anthony also began his career at a well-known Financial Institution analyzing Mutual Funds and then worked for a law firm preparing financial reports for the CFO.

Early on in their careers in 2008, they decided they wanted financial freedom and went about that in a conservative manner by accumulating a Real Estate investment portfolio and receiving passive income while working in Corporate.

As they grew, they branched out to fix and flips, wholesaling, and private lending. All strategies have proven to be widely successful and continue to be part of their operations.  Today, their main focuses are managing their portfolio of rentals for wealth building and private lending.


  • On Site Meetings
  • One-On-One Coaching Meetings
  • Weekly Coaching Call
  • Investment Deal Analysis and Feasibility
  • Small Group Coaching


$100 per 30 Min

$300 for Jobsite Visits

TO ORDER: https://bookme.name/MachiProperties  

Real Estate Investment Club Brian Meidam

Brian Meidam:

EXPERTISE: Got an Uncle Sam Hangover?  Want to save up to 37% in income taxes?!  Brian can help you with structuring your real estate deals using your Self-Directed IRA.  He can also teach you about IRA strategies for massive account growth and building generational wealth.


Let’s be real…you could care less about my profile.  What you do care about is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)!  To legitimize myself (sorry, I was told I had to ) let me tell you in a couple of sentences about the stuff you really don’t care about anyway and then we can move on to the stuff you care about:

I’ve done a crap ton of real estate deals since 2005.  I wholesale, rehab and flip, have a rental portfolio, I lend money locally, we do short sales, blah…blah…blah!

Now on to the important stuff:

I got tired of Uncle Sam acting like my business partner and taking 40% of everything I made when he did nothing.  That seemed crazy to me – so I had to figured out a better way to do this, and I want to share it with you and help you structure your real estate deals in a way that will help you keep what you earn so you can build the long-term wealth that you deserve.. 

So maybe you’re currently in the shoes I was previously wearing…you’re making money in real estate and you’re paying a bunch in income taxes and you’re tired of it.  You’re making your Uncle Sam rich and he takes zero risk and pockets a big chunk of your annual income.  What if I could show you some strategies that have saved me $100’s of thousands of dollars of taxes?

Or how about this…you’ve been in the game for a while and you keep saying “I’ll start saving for retirement next year” …well next year(s) have come and gone and you haven’t saved jack!  You’re behind the 8-ball and forgot about that whole savings thing.  What if I could teach you some strategies to catch up using real estate?

Or maybe you have a bunch of cash to work with in your self-directed account but have no idea how to put it to work for you?  Or maybe you’re an active real estate investor but only have $500 in a self-directed Roth.  You’re just starting out putting a few bucks aside, but you know it’s important.  What if I could teach you strategies to grow that $500 into $100,000 in 12-months?

Listen, I ain’t no attorney.  And I ain’t providing legal advice.  I’m providing advice on how to grow your wealth by a crap ton (yes…my word of the week).  The problem here is that this information is worth much more than the hourly rate I’m charging –   I typically charge a flat fee for the value I’m bringing to the table.  You see the rate listed below for an hour and some of you may cringe, while others “get it” and know that their net worth will grow massively with a little investment.  I hope you “get it”.

RATE:  $500/hr, 1-hr minimum. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: You’ll save more than twice the amount you paid me in taxes on your next flip.

TO ORDERwww.talkwithbrian.com   Brian is also open to joint venturing on rehabs (case by case basis)

Real Estate Investment Club Jodi & Dave Graf

Jodi & Dave Graf:

EXPERTISE: Self-managing successful rentals and lease-options, BRRRR strategy, Property Evaluation, Basement Foundation Consulting, Rehabbing and Construction Consulting, Working with Contractors.

Plus, Mind Set Coach and Real Estate Broker taking on select investors to hold their real estate license under their Save More, Make More fee structure; “Get the Investor’s Edge!” 

COACH PROFILE: Jodi and Dave self-manage their continuously growing portfolio of rentals and lease-options, flip a handful of homes each year and do some private lending.  They really love the freedom provided to raise their young family by both being self-employed (and they’ve made it all these years successfully working together as a couple!), and value the way their multiple streams of income are quickly setting them up for retirement. Primarily, they focus on the BRRRR strategy as they fully rehab their rentals to attract and keep quality tenants, in their now low-maintenance, high-quality properties.

Dave has been in construction and running rehabs for decades and additionally runs his foundation company, GSI Foundations.  Through that, he’s able to help investors learn to quickly assess basement repair costs to make the most informed decisions on their purchases.

Jodi also manages her growing brokerage, Premier Point Realty, and personally coaches her agents + runs in-house monthly Mind Set Meetings, lists foreclosures and helps retail clients. 

Jodi got her license to list their flips back in 2010 and was quickly astounded by how necessary it was to hold a license as an investor.  Next realizing the need for an investor friendly brokerage, they started & have organically grown Premier Point for people like YOU!  She’s always offered the WRA On-Demand education for just $199 as her To-Go Item as she knows it’s among the best money you’ll ever spend!

Holding your WI Real Estate License & MLS pays for itself when you can make the best decisions by having the right tools and being in the driver’s seat.  Run your business as you see fit under the professional umbrella of our reputable brokerage.  Credential yourself as an expert.  Keep 99% commissions!  Monthly team meetings (optional).  Awesome camaraderie.  Positive life changes ahead.


DAVE: On-Site Basement Evaluation
$100 in Metro-Milwaukee Area +trip charge if beyond (vs $395+)

JODI: Mind Set Coaching & Accountability Calls:

$150/hr, 1-hr minimum to start.

$50 per 30 min coaching session, max once per week/min once per month @ min $250 purchase increments = 5 Half Hour Call Bundles.

TO GO MENU: $199 = WRA On-Demand 72-Hour Real Estate Pre-License Education (vs $325 online)

TO ORDER:      Call Dave at 920-203-6087
Email jgraf@premierpointrealty.com Subject: Brew City Training Café

Real Estate Investment Club Corina Eufinger

Corina Eufinger:

EXPERTISE: Racine, Kenosha, Walworth & Rock County, Property management, Large complex management, State rental laws, Property planning, Organizing and building a property management company


COACH PROFILE: I realized real estate was my passion in high school through an internship.  (One of those things you sign up for when your only thought as a senior high school is: I can get out of school early.)  That internship led me down a path of many roles: cleaner, receptionist, Assistant to Director of Operations, and Property Manager before becoming CEO.  Like any methodical person would, I even stepped away from real estate for 18 months at the age of 31.  I entered the law arena where I discovered while I like law, I am passionate about real estate.  But I bring everything I learned from the law firm about research, organization, legal documents to real estate. 


  • On Site Meetings
  • One-On-One In Person Coaching
  • Weekly Coaching Call via Zoom
  • Small Group Coaching 


  • $99-30 minutes
  • $135- per hour via Zoom
  • $175 per hour in person

TO ORDER: Email corina.brio@gmail.com
Brio Properties/CRC Investments
Host of Passive Income Revolution Podcast
262-448-1659 F. 262-448-4113

Real Estate Investment Club Matt Maurice

Matt Maurice:

Welcome Home Milwaukee (property management)

MK3 Construction & Maintenance

Modern Co-Working Business

Auto Repair and Maintenance

EXPERTISE: Property Management, Buy and Hold, Property Acquisition / Analysis, Portfolio Analysis, Milwaukee Market, Entrepreneurship.

COACH PROFILE: Serial entrepreneur, Matt has started 3 successful businesses in the last 5 years and is currently launching the 4th, a modern co-working space. He understands the struggles of getting a business off the ground and what it takes to analyze a deal because he’s made every mistake in the book! Spending a couple of bucks early on could have saved some hard-earned lessons.

A Landlord at age 18, Matt has plenty of experience in the buy and hold scene. Several house-hacks later, and dozens of rentals – Matt decided to open REIS Property Management in 2014; which today is called Welcome Home Milwaukee, one the Milwaukee area’s premier management services. The volume and exposure of managing hundreds of units across every neighborhood in Milwaukee has provided an expansive view on the market, both good and bad. From bed bugs and shootings in the most crime-laden areas to high-end properties in some of Milwaukee’s most desirable neighborhoods, Matt has first-hand experience with (nearly) every type of rental and he’s not afraid to share in the experiences.

Want to know about evictions, assistance animals or the proper way to serve a 5-day? Matt’s not your guy… Seriously, there are a TON of resources you can find that information for free.

Interested in skipping some costly mistakes with your first rental? Want to learn how to better analyze a rental property before you buy it? Want expertise on the neighborhoods of Milwaukee? Now let’s talk.


  • On-site meetings
  • One on one coaching meetings
  • Investment deal analysis and feasibility


  • $200 / Hour
  • $500: 2 Hours of consultation, 30 Minute Meeting Prep, 90 Minutes of 1 on 1 Time (Phone, In-Person or Video Chat), 6-Month Access to the Rental Property Analyzer Tool, 6 Deal Evaluation / Reviews (Email Only)


$100: 6-Month Access to the Rental Property Analyzer Tool

$200: Lifetime Access to the Rental Property Analyzer Tool

The Rental Property Analyzer Tool is a comprehensive spreadsheet to help evaluate the purchase of a single family or small multi-family rental property. It’s provided via Google Sheets and is often modified or tweaked to improve the user experience and available data.

Email Matt.M@mkereis.com Subject Line: Brew City Training Cafe

Include a brief bio on your experience in real estate, the type of property you are interested in and, most importantly, your WHY!

Real Estate Investment Club Christy Cooper Librizzi

Christy Cooper Librizzi:

EXPERTISE: Property Management, Project Management, Tenant Relations Consulting, QuickBooks for Landlords, Property Repair Estimates, Property Walk-Throughs

COACH PROFILE: From hanging wallpaper, painting houses, and helping her dad with his decorating and remodeling business as a kid, Christy progressed to her first few jobs as a teenager within the home improvement industry working with paint, wallpaper, blinds and fabric creations. After finishing college and having kids, when a close friend acquired a large portion of his real estate portfolio all at once in 2003, Christy jumped back in to the real estate world and has since managed over 250 residential units, 30+ commercial units, rehabbed property, turned over apartments for rentals, prepped houses and buildings for sale, managed other investor’s properties and rehabs, does real estate photography, and was an integral part of the Milwaukee REIA for the last several years. She remains a handy person to have around from general knowledge, to actual hands-on skills. You can see some of her work at synergymke.com (projects portfolio page in process!)

Specifically for the Cafe, Christy is offering up her expertise in the area of Property Management as a Tenant Relations Consultant with the ability to walk you through everything from acquiring and screening tenants all the way through the eviction process. Christy can also help you get set up with QuickBooks to track your tenants, rents, and expenses for your rental units. She is also available for one-on-one property visits to estimate repairs or help build out your scope of work, for properties you are looking to acquire or rehab.


  •  Consultation Phone Calls
  • On-Site Meetings, including Property Walk-Throughs/Repair Estimates
  • One on One Mentoring for Landlords
  • Small Group Landlord Workshops


  • $100 per half hour phone consults
  • $150 per hour phone consults
  • $250 per hour in-person consults, site visits, etc

TO GO: $300 Every Landlords Starter Kit, how to acquire, screen, and manage tenants, including forms and checklists. Includes one hour consultation time to walk through the process.

MAIN MENU: $250 Small Group Landlord Workshop, (min 4/max 10 participants). Includes the Starter Kit.

TO ORDER: synergychristy@gmail.com

Real Estate Investment Club Michael & Nicole Borowski

Michael & Nicole Borowski:


  • Low Cost Real Estate Brokerage, Discounted Real Estate Training, Real Estate Salesperson Coach, Top 1% Agent in Wisconsin
  • Rental Acquisitions, Rehab Acquisitions, Self-Manage Rental Properties, BRRR Strategy


Michael and Nicole Borowski own and self-manage almost 90 rental property units. They also have experience rehabbing properties for flips and rentals. Several years ago, Michael quickly decided he could become more profitable by becoming a realtor to help find and self-deal his own transactions.  He now consistently sells over 100 homes a year for investors, first-time home buyers, and everyone in between. In 2019, he sold 131 properties totaling almost $30 million in sales.

Michael and Nicole own Homestead Realty, Inc. and are partners in North Shore Homes, Inc. Homestead Realty is a low-cost real estate brokerage for real estate agents – Full Time or Part Time. The brokerage has been around for more than 40 years, provides full broker support from a local office in Milwaukee, and best of all – AGENTS KEEP 100% OF THEIR COMMISSIONS!

Michael and Nicole coach and mentor other realtors, including those new to the industry as well as those who wish to grow their business. For individuals aspiring to get their real estate salesperson license, they also offer WRA On-Demand Training at a special Brew City rate of $199!

From Michael and Nicole: “Real estate has had such a positive impact on our own lives. We are so thankful for this platform to connect with local investors and those interested in real estate. If that’s YOU, we would love to work with you!”


  • Daily/weekly/monthly coaching calls
  • Investment Deal Analysis
  • Help build basic books to track monthly and annual finances
  • Wealth Building Strategies
  • Learn How to Become a Millionaire Real Estate Agent
  • Goal Setting and Accountability Calls


  • $69 for a half hour phone call.
  • $100 For a Full Hour.
  • Onsite Visits: $250.00


$199 WRA On-Demand Real Estate Salesperson Course

TO ORDER: Mike to book: 414-514-4699 or mikedombrowski@hotmail.com

TO GO MENU (Flat-Fee Services)

Real Estate Investment Club Krug & Rens Attorneys At Law

Krug & Rens, LLC – Attorneys at Law

Taylor Rens, Rens Law LLC

Flat Fee Contracts – Real Estate Contracts
LLC Formation $150 + $130 Filling Fee
‘Checkbook LLC’ formation $500
Assignment Contract $150
Lease/Option $1000
Promissory Note And Mortgage $300
Land Contract $300
Demand Letter $300
Transfer by Affidavit (Probate) $150
Construction Contractor Agreement (For Rehabs) $500
*Limits And Exclusions Apply*

Real Estate Investment Club Nick Knox Premier Point Realty

Nick Knox-Premier Point Realty


Licensed Realtor/Premier Point Agent #25622


  • $2200 + 2.4% for listings less than 199k.
  • $3500 + 2.4% for listings 200k-299k
  • 1% +2.4% for listings 300k or greater

Oppnknox3@gmail.com 414-378-1722
**Limits and Exclusions Apply***


Captain Save A Home LLC


GSI Foundations

Basement/foundation repair

Radke Contractors

Radtke Contractors LLC

Basement/foundation repair

West Smith Builders

Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling, support header installation, floor jack installation.

Mainstream Insurance

Matt Pulda, Mainstream Insurance
https://www.brokerwithus.com /

P & C Insurance

P & C Insurance

Bob Dummer, P & C Insurance

Stewart Title

Tammy Kloehn, Stewart Title

Land Title Services

Jackie Brown, Land Title Services Tammy Kloehn, Stewart Title

Premier Point Realty

Nick Knox III, Premier Point Realty: Residential real estate, flat rate listings.

Premier Point Realty

Jodi Graf, Premier Point Realty: Get your license at a discount.

Homestead Realty

Michael & Nicole Borowski, Homestead Realty: Get your license at a discount.

Modern MilwauKey Real Estate

Daniel Balderas, Modern MilwauKey Real Estate: Realtor/Broker.

Sahara Sells

Sahara Sells

Sahara Ali, Sahara Sells: Realtor/Residential-Commercial

Welcome Home Milwaukee

Matt Maurice, Welcome Home Milwaukee: Property Management

PMI of Greater Milwaukee

Michael Baron, PMI of Greater Milwaukee, Property Management

Brio Properties/CRC Investments

Corina Eufinger, Brio Properties/CRC Investments

Mach1 Capital

Investment manager focusing on commercial loans and real estate generating risk adjusted returns for our accredited investors.

MGM Capital Group, LLC

MGM Capital Group LLC

Deb Tuttle, MGM Capital Group LLC

Tier 1 Home Inspections

Jason Katz, Tier 1 Home Inspections

Pink Ribbon Productions

Deb Kay, Pink Ribbon Productions: Real Estate Photography

Exeter 1031 Exchange Services

Lauren Speidel, Exeter 1031 Exchange Services

Rens Law

Taylor Rens, Rens Law

Guthman Tax Services Inc

Michael Fishman, Guthman Tax Services Inc

AKK Tax & Accounting LLC

Ana Karina Klein, AKK Tax & Accounting LLC: Real Estate Accountant

Citywide Rentals & Property Management LLC

Property Management

Freight 38

Adam Lee Smith, Freight 38: Event space

MKE Co-Work

Office sharing space


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